TopEco Home Curved Mayfair Luxury Outdoor Furniture
TopEco Home Curved Mayfair Luxury Outdoor Furniture
TopEco Home Curved Mayfair Luxury Outdoor Furniture
TopEco Home Curved Mayfair Luxury Outdoor Furniture
TopEco Home Curved Mayfair Luxury Outdoor Furniture
TopEco Home Curved Mayfair Luxury Outdoor Furniture Technical Drawing
TopEco Home Curved Mayfair Luxury Outdoor Furniture
TopEco Home Curved Mayfair Luxury Outdoor Fabric Sample

Mayfair 7-Piece Circular Rattan Modular Patio Furniture Set

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Take the comfort of indoor living outside! This luxury 7-piece Mayfair modular furniture set is designed with comfort and companionship in mind. The circular design makes the most of any garden space. It comprises high-quality individual units that look wonderful together, either separated or pushed together, in any combination that suits you.

This set includes seven separate pieces; four modular curved sofas, two modular curved stools and one round coffee table. The completed construction forms an elegantly curved seating area that is fabulous for connecting conversation and fun-in-the sun-times together with those you cherish.

Each piece is constructed using the classic Mayfair materials, eco-friendly synthetic rattan and powder-coated aluminium with strengthened glass to complete the table. These materials are fully weather-resistant to endure life outdoors. The 5mm, round-weave is coloured in olive for an appealing natural look. The set is topped off nicely with comfortable cushions with grey covers. The cushions require storing during wet weather, but the main structure of this furniture can remain outside all year round. Winter covers are available too.

7 Piece Mayfair Curved Modular Rattan Garden Furniture Set

Range - Wickerline

Table Shape - Round

Size - 6 Seats

How Does It Arrive? - Assembled


Mayfair Curved Modular Sofa


Range - Wickerline

How Does It Arrive? - Assembled

Width - 108cm

Depth - 63cm

Height - 85cm

Seat Height - 48cm

Weight - 15kg


Mayfair Curved Modular Stool

Range - Wickerline

How Does It Arrive? - Assembled

Width - 100cm

Depth - 65cm

Height - 48cm

Weight - 8kg

80cm Mayfair Round Coffee Table

Range - Wickerline

Table Shape - Round

How Does It Arrive? - Assembled

Width - 80cm

Depth - 80cm

Height - 36cm

Weight - 12kg

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Understanding Materials

Synthetic Rattan

For our British climate, it's definitely wise to plump for a synthetic rattan which stands up brilliantly to the elements and is the perfect choice for outdoor use.

Our rattan-effect garden furniture is manufactured from a man-made, resin fibre called High-Density Polyethylene, or HDPE to you and me. Unlike other synthetics, HDPE (derived from a waxy substance) is an organic material that is fully recyclable and environmentally friendly to boot - a major plus point as our lifestyles get leaner and greener.

Warning to the wise: Avoid furniture made from polyvinyl chloride (there's one of those big labels again) as PVC isn't as durable and emits toxic compounds during production. And do ensure furniture is fully prepped with a UV inhibitor, because just as our skins need protection from the sun, so the rattan weave will easily degrade and fade without it.

Man-made rattan is also incredibly lightweight and much stronger than natural rattan so your bistro table and chairs, sun loungers and sofa sets can be moved around your garden at will, making sure you can follow the sun with ease! 

Our 'All Seasons' luxury garden furniture uses the finest Hularo™ German handwoven, synthetic rattan, around strong but feather-light, powder-coated, aluminium frames. It can withstand very hot and very cold temperatures (from a freezing -70 degrees C up to a sweltering 80 degrees C) so requires very little maintenance and upkeep. Oh, and it's backed up by a 10-year guarantee too... 

Understanding Weaves

As well as picking a colour to suit your style, you also need to select 'type' of weave, to help inject an incredible sense of style and personality into your outdoor space.

Pick from traditional round weaves in muted, rustic grey, modern flat weaves in neutral taupe and beige and a simple, soft white weave for a classic, Scandi look.

Make sure colours are fully extruded through the resin, so the furniture is colour-fast, fade-proof and truly all-weather. 

The thickness of the weave is vital too. Thin weave strands are cheaper to buy and faster to weave but will ultimately result in a poor product that won't last long.

Care Guides


At Bridgman, all of our outdoor furniture - Rattan, Teak, Aluminium and Resin, is designed to be virtually maintenance-free. With just a little TLC, you can keep it looking its best year after year. Simply remove all the cushions, if applicable, and brush away any loose debris such as leaves, bird droppings or food, then clean with a soft brush and warm soapy water. Finally, rinse with clean water.

Rattan and teak can also be cleaned with careful use of a jet wash, but be mindful of what setting is used and be careful not to get too close as some machines can be very powerful. Rattan just needs to dry and will be good to go. Teak will need to dry thoroughly for at least 48 hours and then run your hands gently over the wood, rubbing down any raised patches with low grit sandpaper. At this stage, you may choose to apply treatment onto the newly cleaned timber or leave it to turn a natural silver, grey colour. Any application used will not affect the lifespan of the furniture, it is merely a cosmetic finish.



Bridgman’s outdoor cushions are made from durable material well suited to surviving the elements. However, even stain-resistant fabrics can get dirty. Fortunately, the solution is simple. This care guide will take you through different stain types, from mild to severe, detailing how to clean each one to keep your furniture looking brand new.

As with any stain, the quicker you get to it the better. The cushions cannot be damaged so don’t worry about using harsher cleaning products and/or scrubbing the stain too much. It’s also important to keep in mind that cushion covers should not be machine-washed. The stain may not be removed and may be set further into the cushion.

Why choose us?

Green Solutions

Sustainability issues are on the rise as fast-expanding, resource-hungry population burns through our planet's resources at an ever-increasing rate. 

TopEco furniture benefits the environment and offers lower bills & increased energy efficiency. 

Using brands that transform spaces in a sustainable, cruelty-free, non-toxic way is your vote for a greener environment and better future for the planet.

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