XL700 Black Ceramic Burner Upgrade
XL700 Black Ceramic Burner Upgrade

XL700 Black Ceramic Burner Upgrade

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The XL700 burner in ceramic black is an upgrade on the traditional silver burner in the standard Eco Smart Fires. The black ceramic coating delivers an incredibly durable finish that will not oxidise, corrode or discolour under heat.

The XL700 burner delivers a captivating linear flame. With a 7L capacity, this elongated ethanol burner has the power to heat up to 50m2, making it ideal for residential and smaller commercial/hospitality spaces.

Efficiency is a key feature of this burner, delivering up to 12 hours of heat-generating flame from a single refill.

Indoor or outdoor multi-room application. With two open sides, view the flame from the front and the back.

No Gas or Electricity No gas, no electricity, no chimney, no venting or external vent cap. 4 fewer General Contractors.

Clean Burning
All the fuel is housed within Flex’s self-contained burner, so you don’t have to run a gas line or electric wires through your walls. And because e-NRG Bioethanol is clean-burning, you don’t need a flue or a chimney.

Rust Proof
Zinc sealed steel construction powder coated with super hi-temp black paint prevents rusting, so all fireplaces can be used both indoors or outdoors.

Type - Bioethanol
Fuel Volume Capacity - Bioethanol
Heats Space (Average) - 50m²
Burn Time - 9-12h


Thermal BTU - 13650 BTU/h
Thermal kW - 4 kW
Thermal MJ - 14.50 MJ/h

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