TopEco Home Luxury Furniture Decorative Fire Log
TopEco Home Luxury Furniture Decorative Fire Log
TopEco Home Luxury Furniture Decorative Fire Log

Tubular Stainless Steel Log Set Decorative Media

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This Tuular stainless steel log set adds a beautiful finishing touch to our fireplace designs. Adding either brass or copper stainless steel log sets to your side box fire installation is a great finishing touch. Add these noncombustible logs as an optional, eye-catching accessory, further enhancing your fireplace.

Decorative logs must NOT be placed directly over an open flame. They are designed to sit underneath or near heat but not over flames.

Compatible with the Ghost, Igloo and Flex fireplace models.

Materials: Stainless Steel

Finishes: Brass or Copper

Dimensions: Set Sizes Each set consists of 8 logs, in 4 different sizes

Size 1 2 3 4
Height 58 74 78 87
Length 300 330 340 320


Our team of fire specialists can clarify any questions you may have. Don't hesitate to contact us.


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