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Why Choose TopEco Home?

TopEco Home offers environmentally efficient, green solutions for you, your family and the planet as a whole.

Across the globe, sustainability issues are on the rise. A fast-expanding and resource-hungry human population burn fossil fuel at an ever-increasing rate. All unconscious actions we take now are adding to an acceleration of catastrophic global warming. 

Fossil Fuel Pollution

TopEco Home offers a luxury range of eco-friendly décor and sustainable furniture appealing to the more discerning and well-informed property owner or developer.

Luxury, sustainable furniture solutions from TopEco Home

Buying TopEco manufactured and sourced products benefit the environment. By changing the way homes and workplaces are constructed and furnished, bills come down, energy efficiency increases and spaces require less maintenance over time.

TopEco Home Trust Icons

TopEco Home is born out of extensive research by the founders Kerry Greener and Bridie Chandegra. They brought together outstanding forward-thinking companies to offer a complete collection of the most innovative, design-led solutions to fill and transform spaces in a sustainable, planet-friendly way.

TopEco bespoke services available

By embracing new technologies, TopEco Home increases the range of sustainable, cruelty-free, non-toxic furniture. TopEco has chosen pieces that enable more sustainable choices when looking to change any home or workplace environment.



How TopEco Home Started

The initial inspiration to create a 'green' furniture business came after starting Easy Vegan Limited. The R&D for Easy Vegan showed the vegan trend growing exponentially among Millennials and Baby Boomers. This growth was happening because more and more people were becoming aware and concerned about the environment.

Easy Vegan trust icons

There is an unprecedented demand for vegan solutions across the board, from food and clothing to cars and property solutions. Research into this demand kept the ball rolling.

Easy Vegan Shopping App

To expand Easy Vegan Limited and develop its vegan shopping App, the company needed green investors. 


The Venture Capitalist Conundrum

Many of the investors the directors approached were intrigued but hesitant to take the financing risk. Others wanted a massive stake in the business profits going forward.  

Easy Vegan Office

Unwilling to compromise on their hard work and uniqueness, the founder's knew they needed another approach. Curiosity, intrigue and passion for a global cause steadily increased momentum.

TopEco Home Founders, Bridie Chandegra and Kerry Greener

TopEco Home Limited was born out of a need to increase the business profits for quicker growth to effect significant changes in sustainable awareness and healthier homes and workplaces.


The Best of a Bad Time

Incorporated in July 2020 in the middle of a temporary lockdown let-up, TopEco Home started its journey. Building an eCommerce business during a very uncertain time was a risk the founders were willing to take. What they soon discovered was that many suppliers and manufacturers wanted to develop their online presence. They had no other choice. Footfall was at an all-time low, and high street lockdowns meant impending doom for many of them. The innovative, forward-thinking companies were willing to change their business models to incorporate the TopEco Home vision for sustainable digital sales.


But Wait...

Blocked by old thinking

When the TopEco Home company founders were researching new suppliers and manufacturers to join their quest to give everyone clear access to more sustainable products, they discovered something huge that kept blocking their way forward.


Why did Manufacturers of Green Products block TopEco Home?

After hours and hours of phone calls, emails and texts chasing their chosen manufacturers, the directors discovered a giant wall blocking their progress.

TopEco Home - sustainable high end luxury

Many of their 'golden' choices were reluctant to engage in a business relationship. Conversations revealed that the top manufacturers favoured dealing directly with architects, project buyers and interior designers. They preferred not to have their products on show in an eCommerce environment. Instead, they chose to remain slightly more exclusive and discrete. 


Why Hide When You Have Something Great to Offer?

Because their products are high-quality, innovative, and unique, most of their existing clients are incredibly high-profile. (Celebrities, royalty and high-net-worth individuals).

TopEco Home creates high-end exclusivity and celebrity anonymity

To keep their elevated status in the eyes of their other resellers and high-profile clients, they had to respect the need for their customers wanting a more exclusive presence. TopEco Home knew they needed to appreciate this philosophy too.


How Did Our Manufacturers & Suppliers Needs Change Our Business Model?

While building the portfolio of sustainable products in the digital store, the founders knew they had to capture the 'golden' suppliers so that all parties would be happy. Hence, riding on the coattails of TopEco's success began TIDMA - TopEco Home Interior Designer Member association.

TIDMA - Sustainable business networking 

A solution to match suppliers and manufacturers with architects and interior designers. A members-only training and lead generation club promoting sustainable interior design.

By creating TIDMA, TopEco Home can attract high-end, innovative 'golden' manufacturers wishing to remain slightly more discrete and offer their products, services and solutions to other members in a private online members club. Full details of how the club works are here...


Where Are We Now?

Since incorporating TopEco Home, its founders realized the undeniable efficiency of transition in the minds of its clients and customers. The idea of extravagance can unequivocally go hand-in-hand with eco-friendly. The concept of sustainable design, both in the outer construction and the internal design, can be planet-friendly while being indulgent and opulent at the same time.

TopEco Home offers high-quality sustainable luxury

When presented with a buying choice, the words 'green' and 'sustainable' mean a vote for the environment. Now, the term 'TopEco' means that every purchase from any of the TopEco platforms (Easy VeganTopEco Home and TIDMA) means a vote for the environment and a choice for a healthier home, workplace and future.


Now It's Your Turn

Suppose you are looking to construct a sustainable property or transform favourite rooms in your home. In that case, TopEco Home has a sustainable, cruelty-free, non-toxic solution for every taste.

TopEco magical beds

With qualified interior designers standing by to help with projects and a matching process unique and unprecedented in its field, it is now time to start transforming space. We can all make positive steps forward by:  

  • Getting rid of the throwaway mentality that inferior products have led many to be. 

  • Removing dangerous furniture pieces that off-gas into your home without you even knowing it, making you and your loved ones sick and tired - literally.

  • Making fewer trips to landfills by buying high-quality, durable products that last and become heirlooms rather than 'skip-dooms'.

  • Developing a lower carbon footprint creating a promising future for children and loved ones giving greater peace of mind.

TopEco Home painstakingly sources the very best in luxury, comfort, style and quality from the most accredited designers, manufacturers and suppliers in the world. They are pretty proud of ourselves, but it's not their opinion that matters; it's yours.

TopEco Home has a vision for a sustainable world

Please join TopEco Home on Facebook, Instagram and other social media channels to share progress, stories and client developments. Share your comments and stories with others, and collectively, we can make a real difference to the future of our world.

We are all in this together.