Personal Shopper Concierge Service

TopEco Personal Shopping Concierge

TopEco Home offers a free 2-hour home decor advice service. Please book an appointment in advance or drop us a line and speak to a Personal Shopping Concierge.

TopEco Home specialises in being a discreet and exclusive service, tailored to meet the needs of each of our unique customers. The Personal Shopping team at TopEco Home will carefully select products specific to your requests, so you can sit back and trust in the knowledge that we understand your every request. Having access to the most exclusive and sustainable designs available in the world of home decor is our speciality.

The personal shopping team have a range of relevant experts, each specialising in different areas which means, matching you with an expert will always be our priority, and that is the best fit for your requirements. Each appointment lasts for two hours; you can book by calling 0208 945 7788 or email our team on

We are looking forward to working with you to realise your dream home.