Furniture Customisation

Personalise Your Furniture

Share your feelings, personality and sense of style in customisable furniture form. Express yourself...

Your Choice of Fabric

Make each piece of furniture your own by choosing your favourite fabric. Choose from an exquisite range of eco-friendly, sustainable materials. Fabrics include cotton/linen mixes and various weights of 100% linen, all in a stunning range of colours and designs.

Eco-friendly, sustainable fabrics - TopEco Home

Your Choice of Size

Designs aren't limited to one-seater armchairs either. You'll be amazed at how large a well-made, quality, handmade frame will go. Perhaps you have a favourite armchair and always wondered what it would feel like with more space to cuddle up next to someone else. TopEco Home has a beautiful range of two-seater, three-seater, four-seater and even five-seater options available.

5 Seater Custom Build Sofa - TopEco Home

Your Choice of Cushions

TopEco creates scatter cushions, bench cushions, outdoor cushions and floor cushions in any size and shape covered in any fabric. Select matching or contrasting scatter cushions in singles or sets. (Cushions are delivered directly with your order.)

Matching & Contrasting Scatter Cushions - TopEco Home

Your Choice of Backing

Most of our chairs and sofas have the choice of a conventional or button-back rear finish. Each furniture frame build has the option of a closed or open-back. When you see the open-back range in reality the phrase "Nobody puts Baby in the corner" will probably be apparent.

Chesterfield open-back sustainable wood sofa - TopEco Home

The rear and sides of the open-back design shows-off, in elegant style, the stunning jute, cane and contrasting mattress fabric linings. You won't want to hide these creative masterpieces in a corner or against a wall. Put them on show, from any angle, for all to see. 

Sustainable wood furniture range - TopEco Home

DOM - Designer's Own Material

Get creative with 'DOM' in the TopEco Home Design Club, and make your chosen piece more personal with your choice of fabric to complement your home's interior.

'Design Your Own' Furniture with TopEco Home

Create an individual statement showcasing your design talents. 'DOM' is where our ranges become authentic expressions of the skill possessed by our members in our interior designer's club.

TopEco Home DOM - Designer's Own Material

There are so many options to choose from when you mix-and-match. Go wild, go subtle, go lavish in the traditional or chill in the contemporary, the choice is always yours.

Customisable Chaise Lounges - TopEco Home

Furniture Trims and Finishes

Virtually every piece of furniture TopEco Home offers has an option to change the trims and finishes. This variety of options can make your TopEco piece unique and an individual extension of your home, garden, leisure or workspace.

Furniture Trims and Finishes - TopEco Home


Wood Finishes

TopEco Home ensures that the wood used in every stunning piece of furniture is sustainable and eco-friendly whenever possible. Wood is a beautiful material that creates a stunning visual for all who gaze upon it. The variations of light and dark hues, grains and markings mean no two pieces are ever the same. The randomness of it all adds to the uniqueness of each piece. 

Eco-friendly wood finishes - TopEco Home

All ranges are guaranteed to be the highest quality and sourced from well-managed forests. TopEco takes environmental responsibility very seriously.

Sustainable wood dining table - TopEco Home

Even where veneer appears, TopEco makes sure it is sustainable and ethically sourced. Using veneers also ensures only a small fraction of a tree is used to make each piece of furniture. If a tree species is endangered or at risk of illegal logging, it will not enter into the supply chain. Sustainable natural wood veneers with creative staining techniques, to replicate the beauty of the natural wood, are always a better option for the planet.


Trim Finishings

Most of our furniture ranges are available with extravagant edge finishings. Choose your style. We will accommodate your taste.

Sustainable wood finish - TopEco Home

Trims include a rustic option with the jute ribbon and nail stud finish. Or, chose a refined look and go for a superb double piping option. With every colour and shade of the rainbow available, your design combination will stand out as a statement of sophistication and most importantly carry a message of moral perspective. So important in this day and time.